Whether you are looking for free online courses with certificates or ones that will advance your understanding, you can find many options. Not all online classes are the same, and you may enjoy learning from certain formats more than others.

The best online classes to take if you want to advance or change your career are those with certificates. Some programs take less than a year – or even sooner than six months – and give you a certification upon completion.

Finding the Best Online Classes to Take
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The best online IT courses will provide you with an opportunity to join the high-paying industry. For instance, you can obtain a Google IT Support Professional Certificate in six months by dedicating just five hours a week. This program can prepare you for an entry-level job as an IT Support Specialist, with an average wage between $29 and $45 an hour.

Other online IT courses can prepare you for a job such as:

  • A Google Data Analytics Professional.
  • IBM Data Science Professional.
  • DeepLearning.AI Tensor Flow Developer.
  • Intuit Bookkeeper.

You can try free online colleges, such as the University of the People (UoPeople). UoPeople has tuition-free online programs in business administration, computer science, health science, and education. However, certificates from free online colleges are typically non-transferable.

A certificate shows you completed a program, and professional certificates in certain software can make you a more desirable employee. You may have graduated with a bachelor’s degree decades ago, and a certificate program can keep you updated on current practices.

For example, Salesforce may have emerged after you graduated college. Many companies use the application, and knowing how to use the customer relationship management (CMR) platform may be necessary for your job.

You can earn college credits through online courses, but these programs may not be tuition-free. Some institutions allow you to take the same credited classes for free or at a reduced cost, but you will not receive any credits. You are auditing the course when you take the class without the credits.

At Strayer University, for example, you can take no-cost general education courses through their online affiliate program Sophia Learning if you are an enrolled student. If you are not an enrolled student, you may still use the platform by signing up for a monthly membership.

Strayer University is just one accredited institution that offers online classes. You can find online classes from well-known educational institutes, such as Harvard. The following schools and e-learning platforms are great places to find online classes.

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