5 Jobs That May Be Perfect for Veterans

Are you a Veteran who has recently served in the military? Or, maybe you served in the military on active duty a long time ago, and have been out of the military for a long time. 

All military veterans, no matter what their position was, have put themselves in the line of duty to protect and serve their country. Being in the military, these people have gained invaluable experiences that no one else aside from military people could possibly gain in the same way, such as discipline, teamwork and commitment. Although in the civilian world there will not be active military environments, these same skills can be extremely valuable to companies and for other types of jobs. 

So, there are many careers for veterans out there, and there are plenty of veteran recruiting companies as well. By considering the skills that you learned in the military, you can look for jobs that require similar skills, and more. Learn some of the highest-paying jobs that oftentimes will be hiring military veterans. 

Industries That Are Great For Veterans

There are specific industries that will talent scout for individuals who were in the military before. This is because military veterans are perfectly trained to be in industries like first responders, search and rescue personnel, and more. 

Law Enforcement

Many veterans ultimately enter the field of law enforcement. Soldiers can become police officers easily, because they already have experience carrying firearms, in teamwork, and in conflict resolution. 

EMTs and Firefighters

As an EMT and a Firefighter, you are a first responder in times of crisis and in emergencies. Luckily, if you are a veteran, you have more experience with working well in crises and emergencies than anyone else in the civilian world. Being an EMT takes level-headed individuals who also have the strength and are physically fit, so if you are a veteran, being a firefighter and EMT might be a perfect fit. 

High Paying Jobs For Veterans Who Do Not Have College Degrees

You don’t need to have a college degree or higher education degree as a veteran to be a valuable asset on the job market. Having basic military experience is still highly valuable in the job market and you can apply those skills to a lot of different types of jobs. Two types of high-paying jobs that don’t require degrees can be security guards, truck drivers and more. 

Security Guard
Security Guard

There are many different types of security guard jobs and oftentimes people who were formerly in the military are the exact type of individual companies and individuals look for in their security.

Since you are already accustomed to defending the country, you can easily move those skills over to offering protection in a private capacity. Also, so many former military personnel and veterans are trained in self-defense and conflict resolution, which are also the types of skills that people who are looking for security guards need. 

There are different types and levels of being a security guard. You can be a security guard for a building or company, and you can be a security guard for a private individual like a celebrity, royalty, or famous businessman. 

Truck Drivers
Truck Drivers

Truck driving might not sound like the most luxurious type of job, but did you know that you can earn a lot of money doing it? Truck drivers are important because they drive products from one place to another and businesses will pay a lot of money to get their products delivered where it needs to go. While many former military personnel are accustomed while they are on duty to working unusual hours, or working through the night, truck driving is no different. In fact, there are truck drivers in America who can earn more than $100,000 a year. If you have the alertness, stamina and capacity to drive long distances, being a truck driver can be a lucrative after-military career for you. 


Did you ever think about a career in Hollywood after you left the military? Surprisingly, becoming a stunt man or woman after you leave the military might be a job that you can get paid some serious amounts of money to do. While you are in the military, you train physically not just to be in shape, but to experience explosions and other harsh and dangeorus activities to prepare you for what might happen while you are in live combat. 

After you leave the military, however, you might be a rare person in the civilian world who has practiced and experienced those types of dangerous situations that movies and tv shows replicate. Oftentimes, actors are not equipped to be able to perform the types of stunts that you might be the perfect person for. And, you can get paid as though you are a Hollywood actor. 

The best part is, you don’t need a degree to do it. 

Program or Business Manager
Program or Business Manager

While you are in the military, one of the most important skills and qualities you learn, perhaps more than anyone else possibly could in the civilian world, is the quality of leadership. While you are in combat, leadership is something that becomes a life or death skill. When you are a veteran, you are totally able to bring your leadership skills into the office, to a company, or to a growing business. While this is not a skill that can be listed on a resume, it can be shown through your interviews and through your actions. 

So, becoming a program or business development manager might be exactly the job you are looking for. You can practice your leadership skills by managing a team, managing a project, or managing a business. 

Project Manager or Supply Chain Manager
Project Manager or Supply Chain Manager

To be a project manager or a supply chain manager, you must be detail oriented, responsible, and know how to lead. As a veteran, these might be the perfect job for you to implement the skills you learned in the military. 

As a project manager, you will lead teams of people, sometimes from all different sorts of departments, to oversee the completion of a certain project. You can manage a lot of small projects all at once, and sometimes project managers are hired to oversee a single big project that will take years to complete. 

As a supply chain manager, you would be working in the logistics field. While this is nothing like being in the field in the military, at the same time, there are skills you learned in the military that you can implement as a supply chain manager.