Each state has an unemployment application that you must complete before receiving benefits. The form requires you to provide some personal information as well as details about your previous work experience and information about how you lost your job.

You may be able to apply for unemployment online, depending on where you live. The online application process typically includes the same steps as an in-person, by mail or by phone application process.

How to Complete an Unemployment Application – Information & Documents You May Need
unemployment application

Before you file for unemployment online, however, it helps to gather all the necessary documents that will help the state verify your eligibility for unemployment insurance. Most states require you to submit some or all of the following documents during the application process:

  • Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Driver’s license number or state ID
  • Recent pay stubs or other wage documents, such as a W-2

To apply for unemployment, you must meet your state’s employment criteria. Therefore, you will need to provide information about all forms of employment for the most recent 18 months. This includes:

  • Names of all employers
  • Employer addresses
  • Employer phone numbers
  • The date you started the job
  • The date you were separated from your job
  • The reason for becoming separated
  • Total earnings (before taxes)

When you apply for unemployment online, you may be able to upload these documents directly into the system. Some states have sections for employment separation documents, such as a layoff notice, dismissal letter or termination notice. If you received any of these documents, be sure to include them, as it helps increase your chances of getting verified for unemployment eligibility.

As you apply for unemployment in your state, keep in mind that you must meet the work separation requirements.

Some states may allow you to provide details – in your own words – about why you became separated from your job. It helps to keep this information brief and succinct; avoid using the term “fired,” even if you use it interchangeably with “laid off.”

After you apply for unemployment online or through another method, allow your state’s unemployment office several weeks to process the claim and provide a decision. Due to the increased number of unemployment claims, many states are experiencing delays in claim processing.

Check your mail, email and phone inboxes regularly to be sure that you do not miss any important information from the state unemployment office. Once the office reviews your claim, it will provide you with a determination notice that either accepts or denies your claim.

If you apply for unemployment but your claim is denied, you can generally appeal the decision with your state’s unemployment office. Keep in mind that the appeal timeline may be limited, so it helps to file an appeal as soon as you receive notice of denial.

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