How to Work With Temp Job Agencies

How to Work With Temp Job Agencies

Job applicants who have never worked temp jobs commonly wonder what temp job agencies are, how they work, and the benefits of working for one.

Temp job agencies hire workers to work with certain companies for a specified amount of time. While you’re not an actual employee of the job you work for, these jobs can give you experience for a new role, give you a better idea of what a career in a specific field might be like, and employment opportunities through temp to hire jobs. 

This guide to temp agencies will help answer your key questions, including why these jobs are needed, how these agencies work, how to find staffing agency jobs and the tips you should know before you apply.

Why Are Temp Jobs Needed?

Temp jobs served many purposes in the workforce. First, these jobs generally provide companies with a large, qualified workforce during busier seasons. For example, retail locations commonly need more workers during holiday seasons. Simply put, if an employer does not have enough workers to complete their goals, they may turn to a temp agency.

Additionally, some employers prefer temp to hire jobs to ensure they find the right employee to fit a role. These jobs let them see the work and qualifications that you have firsthand. At the end of the temp term, they may offer you a permanent position if they like the work that you perform.

Some examples of potential temp jobs include:

  • Warehouse and factory workers
  • Customer service representatives
  • Substitute teachers
  • Seasonal retail workers
  • Data entry professionals
  • Copywriters
  • Computer support specialists and software testers
  • Receptionists

How do Temp Agencies Work?

If you’re searching for employment, you can apply to a temp job agency the same way you would any other job. The agency will conduct your interview rather than the employer they may place you with. Interviews for temp agencies are relatively the same as a regular job interview. The interview determines your education, experience, work preferences, and top skills. If the agency hires you, they will place you in a role that best suits your skill set, experience, and preferences.

When temp job agencies provide you with a contract to work with an employer, this contract will include:

  • The length of the contract
  • The pay rate
  • Benefits
  • Work assignment and role expectations

If you are looking for temp jobs, it’s worth knowing that most agencies will require that you exclusively work with them and do not work for another temp agency. Additionally, you must keep in mind that these agencies do not charge you to be placed in a temp job. Therefore, if you come across an agency that imposes a placement fee, it’s best to look elsewhere.

Advantages to Work for a Temp Agency

There are many advantages to working temp jobs, including:

  • Gets Your Foot in the Door: Have you ever tried to find a role in an industry that is new to you? It can be challenging to get a job that you don’t have experience in. Temp jobs provide that experience and make it easier for you to apply to these roles in the future.
  • Flexible Pay Structures: Temp agencies typically have more flexible payment schedules. It’s not uncommon to find temp agencies that pay daily, so you won’t have to wait several weeks to receive your first paycheck. If you’re interested in temp agency same day pay, be sure to ask the agency if this is an option.
  • Flexible Work Schedules: Temp agencies are great at placing you with an employer that meets your work schedule preferences. If you can’t work during certain times or days, these agencies will include that information to companies when filling roles.
  • Less Hassle: If you’ve ever spent a lot of time applying for various positions, you know it can be a hassle. Applying for jobs requires you to complete application, aptitude testing, and create resumes multiple times. If you work for a temp agency, you can bypass all of those extra steps.

Tips for Working with Temp Job Agencies

If you want to work for a temp agency, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Be Open to Multiple Positions: You’ll get more opportunities if you’re open to multiple positions and industries. The more flexible you are, the more work you’re likely to receive.
  • Make the Most of Your Position: Temp jobs are still jobs, and you must treat them as such. Perform your role to the best of your ability to make the most of your experience. Doing so can be a tremendous help when searching for a temp to perm job.
  • Make a Good Impression: Show enthusiasm about the company and its values. Show up on time and avoid no-shows, just as you would a regular job. If you make a good impression, you may even be hired at the end of your contract.

How to Go From Temp to Perm Job

Temp to hire jobs are some of the best positions available. These jobs let you test drive a new role or industry and help you obtain a permanent position without the need to compete with other applicants. In addition, these types of jobs let employers test you before they offer you full-time employment.

If you are interested in a temp to perm job, let the temp agency you’re working for know. Keep the agency in the loop, and they may be able to help you find the kind of role you’re looking for. However, it’s also worth noting that you may take a pay cut for going to a permanent position depending on the industry you work in. Companies commonly pay these agencies more than their employers since they are short-staffed or looking for the right candidate.

How to Find Staffing Agency Jobs

You can find temp job agencies in the same ways you would find and apply for a regular position. You can apply with local agencies in person or submit your resume online through various job search platforms, such as Monster, Indeed, or Simply Hired.

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