Although online career courses are significantly less expensive than four-year programs, they still cost money. Fortunately, there are just as many financing options for certificate programs as there are for degrees. And, many of the same financial institutions fund online vocational courses as traditional associate’s and bachelor’s curriculums.

You can apply for federal student loans and private loans. Government student loans are typically a better option than private loans. The average interest rate is typically less than rates for private loans, and these debts qualify for forgiveness in some cases.

Paying for Online Job Training
paying for online career training

Student loan forgiveness is when the government cancels, discharges, or forgives your debt. Some of the reasons the government may erase debt include if:

  • The school closes.
  • You become permanently and totally disabled.
  • The school falsifies your eligibility.
  • You die.

Federal student loans may also be subsidized. Subsidized loans have better terms, and interest does not start to accumulate until after graduation. Whereas unsubsidized loans begin accruing interest from the moment you borrow the money.

The repayment amount for government loans will depend on your income, while private loans do not consider your earnings. For example, a private loan may have a monthly repayment minimum of $300 regardless of your wages, and a federal loan can reduce the amount, so it fits within your budget.

However, the rules for government-subsidized and unsubsidized loans differ. One major difference is that you must demonstrate a financial need to qualify for subsidized loans. You can obtain an unsubsidized loan without demonstrating a financial need. Both loans have the requirement that you are enrolled at least half-time in the program.

You will need to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to apply for government loans. If you cannot secure a government loan, you can seek funds from a private institution, such as Citizens Bank, Sallie Mae, and Wells Fargo.

A private loan usually has a higher interest rate, and your credit will be a factor in qualifying for funds. However, you can get a lower rate if you have good to excellent credit.

Another option could be promotional credit cards that have zero interest for a fixed period. For instance, you could apply for an 18-month no-interest card and make payments while taking the certificate program. This option may be the least expensive if you can play off the entire debt by the end of the promotional period.

Once you figure out how to pay for an online vocational program, you should look into the training programs available. Check out the following popular online courses.

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