Are you looking to refinance your student loan in preparation for the end of the federal student loan repayment pause? There are plenty of lenders out there who either exclusively offer student loan refinancing options or who are institutions like banks that offer all sorts of loans. By finding the right lender to give you your loan, you can save a lot of money depending on who you borrow from. What’s more, you can get loans that are personalized and specialized for your unique situation. 

The first step to refinancing your student loan is to ensure that you shop around for multiple lenders. There are many websites and apps that you can use to shop around for different lenders, to see which lenders offer what kinds of loans, and with what other offers and benefits. 

How to Find the Most Popular Lenders For Student Loan Refinancing
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When you shop around for different lenders, you may want to read basic information about what the lender offers. However, on the lender websites, there are oftentimes calculators where you can put in your personal information and get a general idea of what quote the lender will likely offer you. 

The good thing about getting these quick general quotes online before you speak to a lender’s agent is that you can get ideas of how much you will have to pay the lender in just a few minutes, and it will not affect your credit score in any way. 

Once you have received multiple quotes and have read through the different lenders step two is to consider the options you have. Depending on the rates they offer, their specific company policies about refinancing and more, you can decide which option is best for you. However, there’s more to think about than just the loan itself. 

For example, if you have federal student loans you are trying to refinance, keep in mind that once you refinance the loan you will not have access to federal student loan relief programs. So, take all the implications into consideration before you pursue the loan refinance.

Step 3 is to apply for the loan. Your application might take up to 3 weeks to be reviewed. Generally, you’ll need to upload all the requested documents, including any form co-signers, bank statements, etc., and simply sit back and wait for approval! 

If you do not get accepted for a certain loan, there’s nothing to worry about! One rejection will not impact your chances of getting accepted by another lender. Also, if you think your chances of getting accepted for a loan might not be the best now, it might be better to wait until your credentials improve! 

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