Funds for international students are practically essential since they have higher costs to attend college in a foreign country. Scholarships and grants for international students can help cover the expensive tuition costs. 

International students may also face additional expenses. While some students have the option to stay at their parents’ homes during their college years, foreign students must pay for housing and usually stay on campus or rent a nearby home. 

Top Grants for International Students
grants for international students

In addition to higher living expenses, international students need to cover the costs of student visas. They may pay hundreds just to apply for a student visa. Likewise, they must pay for health insurance in a country with the most expensive health care costs. 

Students who are new to the country may not have driver’s licenses and depend solely on public transportation. The cost of buses, trains, taxis each month could cost a student an additional $100 to $200 each month. 

The below scholarships and study grants for international students are some of the top-paying financial aid options: 

  • The Fulbright Foreign Student Program has two grants for international students based on their field of study. The International Fulbright Science and Technology Award provides students working on a doctorate in the science and technology field. Qualifying students can receive up to three years of assistance from the program. The Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant Program assists international students studying English as a foreign language to teach professionally.
  • The American Association of University Women (AAUW) has the AAUW International Fellowships for international female students from 116 countries. The fellowship representatives select recipients based on academic merit and their commitment to advancing women in their home countries. Qualifying students can receive funding for their graduate and master’s degree programs in the United States. 
  • The Kennedy Memorial Trust is for British students who plan to go to college at Harvard University or the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The grant gives each qualifying student about $27,000 annually. 

International students may also find grants and scholarships through their schools. For example, the University of Cincinnati sponsors some foreign students through its UC International Students Grants. Likewise, Columbia College issues the Columbia International Award to foreign freshman and transfer students. 

Do not despair if you do not qualify for any of the previously mentioned grants or scholarships, or you still need more financial aid to cover the rest of your educational expenses. The following programs and tips can help you pay for tuition, books, and other school-related costs.  

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