Even if you have one of the highest paying four-year degrees, you will need to apply to jobs to get the salary. While some organizations recruit recent graduates, most do not. You will need to find them and make yourself look like a desirable candidate.

Say you have one of the highest paying business degrees, such as marketing. You will need to make yourself known to companies who pay their employees well. Often, your school will have resources for you, including career-development offices, internships, and more.

Finding High-Paying Jobs After Graduation
finding high paying jobs after graduation
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Talk to your professors and peers about job opportunities in your field. While it is ‘what you know’ that will get you into the door, ‘who you know’ may be able to point you in the direction. Plus, a direct connection may make recruiters more interested in you than someone without references.

Is there a specific company you want to work for? Check their website’s “Careers” page for a listing of open positions. Organizations looking for workers typically have ways for you to contact their human resource departments.

Likewise, websites with job search features have thousands of listings from all over the nation and the world. You can narrow your search with filters, such as job title, location, pay, and more. Although, some listings will not mention the income.

You can also research the companies with open listings. Many of these sites have a review section from former and current employees. You may find that some businesses pay better than others, or they have more favorable benefits.

Some popular job websites include the following:

  • Careerbuilder
  • Indeed
  • LinkedIn Jobs
  • Monster
  • Zip Recruiter

If you are looking for a federal government job, you may need to check sites like USA.gov and USAjobs.gov. Your state may also have a specific website for local government positions. Or, you can check specific government agencies like the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the Treasury Department.

Some industries have specific job boards. For architectural positions, for instance, you can check the American Institute of Architects job board. If you are looking for a finance job, look up Efinancialcareers for listings.

You can also get some help finding a high-paying job by speaking to a recruiter. Recruiters look for positions that match your experience and education. They may also provide additional assistance like finessing your resume or coaching you about interview strategies.

Experienced recruiters have connections to several industries. Organizations pay recruiters for finding great candidates to fill open positions. You should not have to pay a recruiter to help you find a job.  

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