A quick online search for “help me build a resume” often results in a few options that do not require you to work with a professional writer. In fact, getting resume help can be as easy as downloading a template to your computer and filling it in with your personal information.

Most professional resume writing help services will set you back between $100 and $1,000.  But you don’t always need to pay to find help improving your resume or cover letter. In fact, you can usually find free resume help templates that you can download to your computer.

Get Help Building a Resume with Templates & Other DIY Resume Building Tools
DIY Resume Building Tools

Keep in mind, however, that certain resume builder tools may require you to pay a subscription fee. Likewise, some advanced resume templates may not be free.

This type of resume help is best for job seekers who may have the necessary resume writing skills but need help structuring the document and including important keywords or phrases.

Most resume templates include a few standard sections that you can use to enter your own information. These include the following:

  • Your name and contact information
    • Be sure to update your contact information frequently, especially if you move or use a different email address.
  • Career objective
    • This optional section provides a summary of your career goals. Most resume help services suggest including the most pertinent skills in this section toward the top. These skills should relate to the job you are applying for; therefore, you may need to change them for each job you apply to.
  • Work experience
    • This should be your longest resume section. You should include your two to three most recent relevant jobs. For each position, include the employer’s name and address, your specific job role, and any successes within that position.
  • Education
    • List each type of education credential you have, such as colleges, universities, graduate schools, and vocational schools. You can also provide information about degrees and merit awards.
  • Additional skills
    • You can include more job-specific skills here, especially if you have little work experience.

Getting help building a resume with a template usually means you must replace pre-loaded material with your specific information. Be sure to review the template once you’re done to make sure you have not skipped any sections. You don’t want to submit an application with false information that came with the template!

There are a few free resume help templates as well as paid-for resume builders. Here are a few popular choices among job seekers:

  • Resume Now – You can find plenty of resume samples and templates on this site. To use it, you must pay a subscription.  
  • Resume Genius – There are some free resume help templates on this site, as well as paid-for templates and building tools.
  • My Perfect Resume – You can use this site to get help making a resume as well as a cover letter.

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