All good resume help services can agree on one thing: hiring managers do not read resumes, they skim over them. They only have a few seconds to decide whether the resume is worth taking another look at. It’s important to keep this in mind while creating your resume since you don’t want it to be too wordy.

If you are looking for help making a resume, there are a few standard techniques you can use to create a clean, professional resume that highlights your best qualities. From the more obvious tips about grammar and spelling to advanced resume styling techniques, here are the most helpful ways to craft a compelling resume.

Free Resume Help Tips & Tricks to Create an Eye-Catching Resume
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List your work experience in order.

Hiring managers don’t want to know about the first job you got as a teen, unless it directly relates to the position you’re applying for. Include your most recent position at the top of your work experience section.

Keep it short.

Most resume help services encourage job seekers to limit their resumes to just one page. This is because hiring managers are short enough on time; if your resume is two or three pages long, the chances of those pages even getting seen are slim to none.

Give each section its own heading.

Some of the best resume help tips you can get refer to structure and style. Make it easy for the hiring manager to find your most relevant information by providing headers for each section. For example, you can include headings for “Work Experience,” “Skills,” and “Education.” Put each header in bold and increase the font size for added effect.

Format your resume for the computer.

When you receive help making a resume, most resume writing services focus on structuring it to be read by algorithms first. As such, you should focus on using standard formatting. Stick to basic fonts, like Arial, Helvetica or Verdana. Avoid using images or funky colors.

Avoid wordy sentences.

Within each section of your resume, use bullet points to summarize rather than full sentences. It cannot be stressed enough – hiring managers have just seconds to glance over your resume. It’s easier to get an idea about your job experience from bullet points rather than wordy sentences.

Sprinkle keywords and phrases throughout.

Most cover letter and resume writing services focus on using specific keywords and phrases that will help your resume get in front of the hiring manager. Many employers use screening software to weed out candidates that do not meet the job’s qualifications. To successfully navigate this software, your resume should use industry-specific keywords and phrases throughout each section. You can find these keywords by doing some research and viewing resume samples from careers in your industry.

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