Google is the most popular search engine for everything, and Google for Jobs makes it easy for employers and hiring managers to make sure as many potential candidates see their listings as possible.

What’s great about Google for Jobs if you’re looking to find employment is that it serves as an aggregate that simplifies your search.

Google for Jobs and SimplyHired
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That means when you type a job title and location, job title + location + company or just a job title into your Google search bar, it reserves a spot at the top of a search page with an easy-to-browse list of relevant listings from different job posting sites. You usually get three to five top hits in a little widget at the top of the page, but you can always click the “view more” button to search through pages and pages of listings throughout the internet, all in one spot. Plus, you can filter results by posting date, full-time or part-time work, education requirements, industries and fields and more.

Every listing tells you where Google found the job. So when you click on a specific listing, the listing gets bigger so you can read more about the role’s responsibilities and requirements. Google also gives you multiple locations for where you can go to a site that has the listing and submit your application. Google for Jobs simplifies the process of finding listings by putting listings from practically every site all in one easy-to-find location.

SimplyHired is another job listing aggregate site, but unlike Google, you must navigate to the specific site first. But, it’s also a very simple and time-saving way to search through a variety of job listings that fit your needs. In fact, it’s a job search engine, while Google is just a search engine.

When you first go to SimplyHired’s website, you can type in a job title and select a location. If you have location services on, it’ll populate the local zip code, like many other job search sites. Or, you can write “Remote” in the location bar to get jobs that allow you to work from home or don’t require you to live anywhere specific.

Every job listing on SimplyHired has a few important sections that make it easy to scan a job listing to see if you match the qualifications or if the job matches yours. You can quickly see the required skills or experience, the benefits the job offers and the pay rate at the top so you don’t have to scroll down and dig for the information you need to make a decision to take time to read the listing before applying.

SimplyHired also has company reviews you can check out to help you determine if you’d want to work for a specific company. In addition, this site also has a resume builder to help you create a professional-looking resume if you don’t have one already.

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