Elevate Your Job Search: Navigating Online Job Listings Like A Pro

There are dozens of job search sites you can use to find your next gig, whether you’re looking for something full-time, part-time or just for a short time. 

The best way to make sure you’re looking for work in the right places is to use the most effective and easy-to-use job search sites out there. That way you can avoid scam sites that don’t have legitimate listings, better protect yourself from scam listings and filter your search for exactly the kind of work you’re after.

Indeed and Glassdoor
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Indeed is one of the best job advertising sites because of just how many employers use the platform to find candidates. This site hosts listings in practically every industry for every level role, from internship to entry-level roles to management roles to CEOs and others in the C-suite. When you use the Indeed job search portal, you can filter by job title, location, industry, experience level, company name, remote work options, benefits and much more.

When you find a role you want to apply for, you can often use the easy apply feature to submit your resume right to a job poster. This involves completing a clean, professional resume on Indeed (which takes only minutes) or uploading a resume you’ve created. You can add a cover letter and answer employer-requested questions, too. And when an employer wants to connect with you for the next steps, you can message with them through Indeed’s convenient and secure messaging system.

Glassdoor, an Indeed company, is another excellent job search site because it provides you with listings from thousands of companies, all of which have been reviewed by previous employees. That means you can further customize your search by reading Glassdoor reviews of a company to understand the quality of values, work environment, management, training and professional development opportunities and much more.

Glassdoor operates similarly to Indeed — you fill out a profile that can act like a resume when you apply, or you can apply with a resume you’ve uploaded to the platform. Unlike Indeed though, Glassdoor may ask you to submit a review to a previous company you’ve worked for after completing your profile. You might have to do this before you’re able to keep going with your search. It’s a give-and-take relationship with this site that not only helps you determine if you want to work in a role for a specific company, but it also helps other job seekers like you in the future.

The Glassdoor site makes it easy to start your search based on what matters most to you at this stage in your career. If you’re looking to work for a specific company, you can navigate to that section of the site and search through open listings at that specific company. Or, if you’re looking for a specific role in any company, you can search by job title and location. If you want to make a certain amount of money, you can navigate to the Salaries section to start comparing salaries for different roles in different companies.

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