On the Monster jobs platform, you can start your search by entering in a job title and a location or finding a company page and seeing what jobs are available. However, Monster takes a unique approach to helping you find your next role.

Consider starting by heading to the popular searches and looking at what roles everyone else is checking out right now. Or, tell Monster what stage of the job search process you’re in to get tips for optimizing your job search on Monster and in general.

Monster and Snagajob
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You can also take advantage of resources like curated lists of companies that are currently hiring, companies hiring for specific roles, current part-time roles companies are hiring for, the most in-demand jobs and jobs you can do with specific qualifications. These listicles can be a great, research-forward way to streamline your job search without having to do all the research yourself of who’s hiring what roles.

Like other job search sites, Monster now allows you to create a comprehensive candidate profile that can serve as a resume and further streamline your search. That’s because Monster will use the info in your profile to filter results and push you toward jobs that specifically match your qualifications.

Snagajob helps you find a job in hourly roles and essential jobs, like in childcare, retail, foodservice, manufacturing, customer service and many more. A lot of top companies that hire these roles are listed on Snagajob, like American Airlines, Walmart, Target and Starbucks. Plus, Snagajob also has curated lists and filters for certain job titles, full-time and part-time work, industries and fields as well as high-paying roles.

This platform can be great for people with little to no work experience, like high schoolers, college students and recent grads, since there are even filters and curated lists for summer jobs, jobs that train and jobs that don’t require previous experience. Snagajob also uses information from your personal profile to send you the most relevant available jobs and interview events. That can save you time combing through their many job listings.

You can also use Snagajob to find available shifts in your industry or for your role to make some extra cash and help out an understaffed store, restaurant, coffee shop or production line. It’s also great for taking advantage of seasonal upswings and special events when you have a few more hours in your week to work. However, this feature is relatively new and is only available in Atlanta GA, Charlotte NC, Dallas TX, Orlando FL, Richmond VA, Virginia Beach VA, and Washington, D.C.

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