LinkedIn is one of the most unique platforms on this list because it doubles as a job search site and a professional social networking site. That’s because LinkedIn’s primary function, when it started, was to help professionals in any industry keep a list of their network connections and have access to those connections via private messaging and social posts. But now, many employers turn to LinkedIn to post jobs for every role, level and industry, making it the perfect starting place for a professional at any stage of their career.

The first thing you do on LinkedIn is set up a profile. Like Indeed, Monster and Snagajob, LinkedIn has you fill in your professional experience, education and skills. However, you also get a banner image to showcase the theme of your career and a section to include volunteer work and organizations you’re a part of.

LinkedIn and ZipRecruiter
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And since LinkedIn is all about your network being right there whenever you need it, you can even have your connections leave recommendations on your profile and rate your proficiency in the skills you listed. That means an employer who looks at your profile after you’ve applied for a role, they already have other people’s word on how excellent of a candidate you would be.

When you use the LinkedIn job search platform, you can also see if you know anyone who works or used to work at a company. This is information you can use to reach out to them and ask for their feedback on the company, advice on the hiring process and if they’d be willing to recommend you to hiring personnel or the job poster. You can also see if you have any mutual connections (so a connection of your connection) who work there. You could ask your connection to introduce you to their connection who works at the company, growing your network and possibly getting them as a resource during the hiring process.

ZipRecruiter is one of the most unique online recruiting sites because it matches candidates to job listings and invites them to apply for the role. That’s because this platform evaluates a candidate’s years and types of experience and the keywords in their profile and then compares them to the requirements and qualifications of current job listings. So, when you use ZipRecruiter, you may get multiple emails inviting you to apply to jobs because you seem like a great match.

Plus, many employers and hiring managers trust ZipRecruiter’s algorithm to pair them up with high-quality candidates. It can be a challenge poring over applications that don’t meet their standards, which can make the process long and arduous. But with ZipRecruiter’s evaluation process, you, the great candidate, get sent an invitation to apply and the employer doesn’t have to worry if you meet the qualifications or not. This platform is a win-win for both employers and job seekers alike.

Like other job search sites, ZipRecruiter has you fill out a profile with your experience, skills, education, availability for work, salary expectations and more. And when you apply to a job you’ve been invited to apply for, all of that info gets sent right to the job poster. That means no having to upload an additional resume (if you didn’t want to) or filling out a new application time and time again.

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