When you compare student loan repayment plans, you may find that you have a good chance of securing a loan consolidation at a lower interest rate which can save you thousands of dollars. The key to saving money on your student loans is by combining multiple loans, federal or private, into one private loan at a lower interest rate.

In some cases, the interest rates may have decreased since you initially generated your student loan. Paying a new loan with lower interest rates will be more affordable than paying multiple loans with varying, but higher interest rates. Here are a few more benefits to consider about refinancing your student loans:

The Benefits of Refinancing Your Student Loan Repayment Options
student loan refinance

  • Improve Your Credit Score – Refinancing makes it easier to manage multiple payments for private student loan repayment options. Making timely payments is the easiest way to improve your credit score over time. On the other hand, missing payments or making late payments can lower your credit score.
  • Remove Co-signers from the Original Loan – If you initially opened a student loan with a co-signer, you could remove them from the new loan if they are no longer needed or wanted as a part of your loan agreement. You are not obligated to include co-signers from the original loan in your new refinanced loan.
  • Pay Off Loans Faster – New, lower interest rates and a single loan to focus on make it easier to pay off loans faster because you can make larger monthly payments instead of smaller payments on each individual loan. You may complete the repayment plan quicker if you pay extra each month.
  • Checking if You Qualify for a Loan Refinancing is Penalty-Free – Even if you are undecided on whether you want to refinance your student loan, you can check if you qualify without any fees or penalties to your credit score. This means it is risk-free to check if you are eligible for student loan refinancing.

You may want to consider refinancing your student loan if your credit score has increased in the past few years, you are making more money, or you are having difficulties managing multiple loan payments for your student debt. There are many benefits to refinancing a student loan, but it may not be the best choice for everyone.

It is important to know all the details about a repayment plan including grace periods, deferments, and forbearance to make the best financial decision. Continue reading to learn more about student repayment plans, income-based repayment, federal and private refinancing, and more.

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