Some of the highest-paid bachelor degree jobs are in the marketing field. Companies pay good money for marketing managers who can increase their profits through promotions and advertisements.

Marketing is one of the highest-paying degrees you can obtain, whether you graduated with an associate’s, bachelor’s, or master’s degree. For example, you can earn an average of $38,600 annually as a social media specialist with just a two-year accreditation.

Moneymaking Marketing and Sales Jobs
moneymaking marketing sales jobs

Demand for marketing professionals is rising and will continue to rise in the future. A marketing manager is in charge of handling promoting strategy, and additional tasks can include overseeing branding and customer communication.

You will need a four-year degree to be a marketing manager. The entry-level annual salary is about $48,000 on average. With experience, a marketing manager can earn more than $66,000 per year. Other positions you can apply for with a bachelor’s degree include the following:

  • Account executive is responsible for maintaining relationships with clients for an annual salary of $59,000.
  • Copywriter or marketing writer creates engaging content that increases interest in the company’s services or products for an annual salary of $58,000.
  • Market research analysts analyze information on consumers and competitors to help organizations know what drives consumers to make purchases for an annual salary of $63,000.

Another field that pays well is sales. A sales representative pitches products and services to prospective customers. Companies need personable people to push sales and increase revenue and profits. A bachelor’s degree in marketing, communication, or business is a requirement for employment. However, some organizations select candidates who have the personality and experience that result in customers making a purchase.

The salary range for sales representatives is vast. A sales rep working at a cellphone company likely makes significantly less than one who sells software to Fortune 500 companies. Likewise, make sales representatives have a modest base pay and receive a commission for each sale. Therefore, their income can even vary by how many sales they make.

A sales representative’s salary can be between $42,000 and $86,000 or more, and the median earnings are about $60,000. However, some individuals can earn six figures with their commissions.

Sales managers oversee, hire, train, and help a company’s sales team reach its goals. Managers may not get a commission but, instead, a bonus if the team meets their quota, depending on the organization.

Marketing and sales require a certain personality in addition to a degree. Some of the highest paying four year degrees, however, are for jobs that require little interaction with other people. You may consider the next few positions if you are more technical and detailed oriented than personable.

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