Some of the best work-at-home jobs are those that involve computers or telephones. For example, several work-from-home customer service positions do not require face-to-face interactions. To do them, you simply need a stable internet connection and phone line.

Companies like CVS, DISH Network, and Allstate hire customer service representatives to handle problems over the phone or the internet. Many of these positions are full-time, and several offer standard benefits like paid time off, 401Ks, and competitive salaries.

Best Jobs to Do From Home
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You can also find positions in information technology (IT) and other computer-based jobs. Some of the highest-paying remote jobs include the following:

  • Graphic Designer – $50,000 – Create digital images, such as logos, graphics, and marketing material
  • Quality Assurance Analyst – $54,000 – Test software like games and other programs to verify functionality and reliability
  • Database Administrator – $72,000 – Organize database systems to run smoothly
  • Web Developer – $80,000 – Construct and maintain websites that are user-friendly and visually interesting
  • Software Engineer – $100,000 – Research, design, and create new business applications, computer games, and other software programs

But you do not have to be a computer whiz to find remote work. A medical writer takes data from research studies to write articles, documents, and papers that organize and present the information clearly and concisely. The median earnings for this position are around $53,000.

If you are on the creative side, you may enjoy being a freelance writer. The median annual pay for a freelance writer is about $42,000, but earnings can range from $24,000 to as much as $115,000, depending on how much work you do and your experience.

Data entry professionals transcribe information from one medium to another, such as writing out audio recordings. You can earn between $22,000 and $41,000 with only a high school diploma and typing skills.

Virtual assistants are the new receptionists without making the morning coffee run. As a virtual assistant, you may answer phone calls and emails, schedule appointments, and make travel arrangements. Depending on where the employer is based, you could earn about $20 an hour.

You can also teach or tutor students remotely using telecommunication applications. Parents and college students often need additional help with their studies, including music and foreign languages. The median hourly rate for a tutor is about $18.

A Content Strategist may earn between $50,000 and $65,000 annually. The position requires you to look into the company’s objectives and client’s needs to develop compelling content for websites, marketing, and more.

To find remote work, take a look at your skills and experience. You may find that you already have the tools and know-how to apply for different work-from-home positions.

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