Using resume writing services to help you successfully get a job is not cheap. The average cost of hiring professional resume writers in the U.S. is between $20 – $30 per hour. This can add up fast, especially if your resume needs a lot of work.

But you don’t always need to hire a writer to get results. Some resume writing services come in the form of a do-it-yourself online resume builder. These platforms typically offer resume templates and tools you can use to create your own resume with a little guidance.

The Best Resume Builders for Job Seekers Short on Time & Money
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But even the best resume builders available should be used with caution. Although these services tend to cost less than a comprehensive writing company, they may not offer the most in-depth assistance.

For example, resume professionals can help you create a customized resume that reflects your personality and your career goals. The best resume consultant may even work with you over the phone, video conference or even in person to get to know you better, providing the most personalized resume-building experience.

 When compared to even the best resume builders, you simply cannot get the same level of personalization. When you use a resume builder, you still need a basic knowledge of how a resume works in order to be successful.

Applying for a job online? Make sure you are aware of important industry-specific keywords and phrases. Professional resume writers can integrate these keywords in your resume with ease, but if you aren’t keyed into your career industry, your resume could fall through the cracks and never even be seen by a hiring manager.

However, if time and money are your primary concerns, a resume builder may be just the thing you are looking for.

Many resume expert services that offer resume builders and templates make it easy to download them right to your computer. With just a few clicks, you can have a professional-looking resume just waiting for your personal information.

Even the best resume builders require you to enter your own information. Most provide a few helpful tips on how to write your resume, but you are pretty much responsible for creating a well-written document that reflects your career experience and goals.

And while resume writing services can set you back a few hundred dollars, most resume builders and templates are completely free. Some charge a nominal fee if you want a different style or need other services, such as proofreading or help with proper grammar.

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